Employee handbook

We have gathered factual knowledge and relevant information for disability helpers in an Employee Handbook. For the disability helpers, the Personnel Handbook also serves as an integrated part of their contract of employment – so it contains information and knowledge that they ought to and should know about. Divided into different sections The Employment Handbook can be used as a reference work using the table of contents.

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The Employee handbook contains e.g. following sections:

  • Terms of employment at BPA Pro Team
  • Work assignments
  • Training and education
  • Working environment policy
  • Income and NemKonto
  • Pension and pension schemes
  • Illness policy and procedure
  • Maternity and Parental leave
  • Company Holiday Policy
  • Other policies

New employees will get a copy of The Employee Handbook, which will be explained and reviewed at the employment start.

Don’t not hesitate to contact John Hansen, if you have any questions or need a copy.